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Chubbie’s makes Great Pizzas for every appetite including our Famous Thin Crust Pizza, Signature Hand Tossed Pizza or Pan Pizza. Try Our “CHUBBIE SIZED” 20” Pizza for your Pizza craving!


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Chubbie’s is known for our huge portions from our signature Chubbie Burger to Chubbie Sized Bombers, Subs and Melts. For the lighter appetites, try the Chubbie’s Jr. or Baby size portions.


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Chubbies Pizzeria & Sandwich Shoppe has specials every night of the week. You can feed yourself or your family with our delicious food specials for less cash!


ChubbieOn a sunny summer day about 20 years ago, Chubbie came off of North Beach in Racine looking for a place to eat and settled down on a Pizzeria & Sandwich Shop on High Street. Now Chubbie, being a big guy, had a big appetite, but the restaurant only served little “Wimpy” Burgers.

Legend has it that Chubbie went back into the Kitchen, put on a chefs apron and put 10 hamburger patties together to make the very first “Chubbie Burger”. Now he needed a bun to put it on. He had to settle on spreading out 5 or so buns on a platter, toasting the tops and piece together his creation.

local-chubbie-s-community-ljc-2-44146_1_origRumor has it that Chubbie won the lottery the very next week and ended up buying the restaurant.

His first order of business was to find a baker who would make the Chubbie sized buns to fit his signature Hamburger, which contained 1 pound (precooked) of fine Midwest beef. He then proceeded to re-make the entire menu from Chubbie-Sized Bombers, Subs and Gyros, to a giant 20” Chubbies Pizza for hearty appetites like his, while leaving Jr. sized portions for normal appetites.

For years, the legend of Chubbie has lived on in the Racine area. Chubbie has long since retired, but the current owners carry on his tradition of Big Portions at very reasonable prices. “You must be Hungry to eat one of Chubbies’ Burgers, Bombers or Sandwiches!!!”

The Chubby Challenge (a five patty burger) is a thing of legends. Check the leader board at Chubbies to see who holds the record.

So….What are you waiting for? Stop in today. You never know when Chubbie might appear. Maybe the next time you are at North Beach you might see the old guy in his polka dot swim trunks (a little greyer, but just as Chubbie).